What does OILA mean in Spanish slang?


Óyela, óyela! or Listen to her, listen to her or Listen to it (female object), listen to it! Addendum: It could also be the familiar you translated as vos (Central America and Argetina).

What does the word gallimaufry mean in English? gallimaufry • gal-uh-MAW-free • noun. : a heterogeneous mixture : jumble.

Likewise What does tabla mean in Spanish slang?

board, barrier, float


What is Gallo in Spanish slang? English Translation. rooster. More meanings for gallo. rooster noun.

What does Molacho mean in Spanish?

molacho [adj] MX. missing one or several teeth.

What does impecunious mean? Definition of impecunious

: having very little or no money usually habitually : penniless.

How do you say gallimaufry?

What salmagundi means? Definition of salmagundi

1 : a salad plate of chopped meats, anchovies, eggs, and vegetables arranged in rows for contrast and dressed with a salad dressing. 2 : a heterogeneous mixture : potpourri. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About salmagundi.

Is it La Mesa or El Mesa?

That way it will just “sound right” to say “la mesa” and it will sound totally wrong to say “el mesa”. Spanish nouns have masculine and feminine gender. El and la mean the in English, and they have gender, too.

What is the meaning of board the bus? 1a : to go aboard (something, such as a ship, train, airplane, or bus) boarded a bus to Chicago.

Is Tabla an Indian instrument?

Tabla: Drums of North India

Tabla is the most famous percussion instrument of North India. It is most commonly used in North Indian classical music, but its versatility in all musical styles has enabled it to become the most popular percussion instrument in all of India.

Is it El or La gallo? gallo [el ~] noun.

Is gallo a bad word?

Sexual taboo words that describe a masculine sexuality may be used in a positive sense (e.g. cabrón “male goat”, gallo “rooster”, cerdo “pig”).

Why do they call it pico de gallo? What is Pico de Gallo? Translated in Spanish, pico de gallo literally means “beak of rooster.” Some believe this is because it was originally eaten by pinching between the thumb and finger, making the shape of a rooster’s beak. … Pico de gallo is a salsa popular with Mexican food, like tacos, nachos, or quesadillas.

What does Pancha mean in Spanish slang?

Pancha is a belly, like a protruding belly (Sort of like the English word “paunch.”) It can be used in an affectionate way, like to a baby with a cute round belly. updated NOV 26, 2012.

How do you say Chimuelo in English? Translation of “Chimuelo!” in English

  1. ¡Ahí voy, Chimuelo! I’m coming, Toothless!
  2. ¡Eso es, Chimuelo! That’s it, Toothless!
  3. ¡Hipo y el asombroso Chimuelo! Hiccup and the amazing Toothless!
  4. ¡Cuidado, Chimuelo! Watch it, Toothless!
  5. ¡Vamos, Chimuelo! Come on, Toothless!
  6. Ya voy, Chimuelo! …
  7. ¡Chimuelo! …
  8. ¡No, no, Chimuelo!

Does impecunious mean poor?

having little or no money; penniless; poor.

How do I use impecunious? Impecunious in a Sentence

  1. Since Janice grew up in an impecunious household, she knew a great deal about surviving on very little.
  2. Impecunious students commonly find themselves in debt after overindulging in the use of credit cards.

What does impervious do?

not permitting penetration or passage; impenetrable: The coat is impervious to rain. incapable of being injured or impaired: impervious to wear and tear.

How do you use the word gallimaufry in a sentence? Gallimaufry in a Sentence

  1. The excuses of the young children was a gallimaufry of nonsense, each of them saying something different that made no sense.
  2. After the tornado made the town little more than a gallimaufry of destruction and debris, many people were left without a home.

How do you say salmagundi?

What language is salmagundi? The word salmagundi is derived from the French word salmigondis which means disparate assembly of things, ideas or people, forming an incoherent whole.

Which of these is a salmagundi?

a mixed dish consisting usually of cubed poultry or fish, chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, onions, oil, etc., often served as a salad. any mixture or miscellany.

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