Who is referred as prig?


A prig (/ˈprɪɡ/) is a person who shows an inordinately zealous approach to matters of form and propriety—especially where the prig has the ability to show superior knowledge to those who do not know the protocol in question. … The prig approaches social interactions with a strong sense of self-righteousness.

What is the opposite of prig? Antonyms & Near Antonyms for prig. libertarian, libertine.

Likewise What does it mean if someone is portentous?

: trying to seem important, serious, or impressive : pompous. See the full definition for portentous in the English Language Learners Dictionary. portentous. adjective.

How do you use the word prig? How to use prig in a sentence

  1. Before forty there is yet a chance that the budding ninny may desert, and degenerate into a prig, a Philistine, or a physician. …
  2. Stephen was not a prig and she recognized the justice of his arguments, but he was rather hard and his views were too clear-cut.

Who is called little prig 2 points?

One has been done for you. (a) Why did the mountain call the squirrel “Little prig”? Answer: The mountain calls the squirrel “little prig’ because the squirrel is too small compared to the mountain.

What is the synonym of little prig? 1 diminutive, dwarf, elfin, infinitesimal, Lilliputian, mini, miniature, minute, munchkin (informal, chiefly U.S.) petite, pygmy or pigmy, short, slender, small, teensy-weensy, teeny-weeny, tiny, wee.

How do you use prig in a sentence?

Prig sentence example

He was only saved by his intellect and his fine nature from turning out an arrant prig . In a word, I was decidedly academical, and in danger of becoming a prig . But that, on the other hand, doesn’t stop her calling the local coroner ” a stupid, sanctimonious prig !

What is the Malayalam meaning of prig? a person regarded as arrogant and annoying.

Is portentous good or bad?

Ponderous or pompous; self-important. The definition of portentous is having the feeling of evil or foreboding. …

How do you use portentous in a sentence? Examples of ‘portentous’ in a sentence portentous

  1. All those successes in the early part of his career seemed portentous. …
  2. She was inclined to think that the thing sounded more portentous than amusing. …
  3. And yet the imminent launch of Destiny feels almost as portentous as its name.

What is the best synonym for portentous?


  • ill,
  • ill-boding,
  • inauspicious,
  • menacing,
  • minatory,
  • ominous,
  • sinister,
  • threatening.

What does puritanical person mean? adjective. very strict in moral or religious matters, often excessively so; rigidly austere. Sometimes Puritanical . of, relating to, or characteristic of Puritans or Puritanism. Often pu·ri·tan·ic .

Where does the word prig come from?

“formal, stiffly precise in speech or manners,” 1709, the sole surviving sense of a word attested first as a verb (1680s) “to assume a formal, precise demeanor,” a cant word of uncertain origin, perhaps from French. Later, “deck out with great nicety, dress to effect, form or dispose with affected preciseness” (1721).

Why does the squirrel feel no disgrace? Answer: The squirrel thinks his occupying a place in this world as no disgrace. He thinks so because he believes that in this world every being has its role to play.

Why did the former called the latter little prig?

Answer: And the former called the latter Little prig'” – who is the ‘former’ and who is the ‘latter’ in the poem? Ans: Former is the mountain and latter is the squirrel.

Who Cannot crack a nut? Talents differ; all is well and wisely put; If I cannot carry forests on my back, Neither can you crack a nut. ‘

What does prude woman mean?

Definition of prude

: a person who is excessively or priggishly attentive to propriety or decorum especially : a woman who shows or affects extreme modesty.

What is the synonym of spry? adjective. 1’he’s remarkably spry for a man of his age’ sprightly, lively, energetic, active, full of life, full of energy, vigorous, spirited, animated, vivacious, playful, jaunty, perky, frisky, agile, nimble. informal chipper, sparkly, zippy, zappy, full of vim and vigour, full of beans.

What is the synonym of sphere?

globe, ball, orb, spheroid, globule, round. bubble. rare spherule. 2’Russia’s sphere of influence’

What is the sentence of little prig? It’s only a bit of harmless fun! 3. I used to be such a smug little prig.

How do you use Spry in a sentence?

Spray sentence example

  1. She dodged the spray of water. …
  2. Just spray any Immortal that gets too close. …
  3. He only glimpsed it before it disappeared in a spray of dust. …
  4. A slight breeze tossed a spray of water in the air, cooling it immediately. …
  5. Aunt Clara, Mom needs some of that stuff you spray on the furniture.

How do you use the word epigram in a sentence? Epigram in a Sentence

  1. At his daughter’s wedding, Jason shared a heartwarming epigram he had written.
  2. The cute epigram on the Valentine’s card made me smile.
  3. During his speech, the president quoted an epigram from one of his favorite poets. …
  4. Sheila won the poetry contest with her insightful epigram about death.

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