What is a socio Spanish?


English Translation. partner. More meanings for socio. partner noun.

What does susia mean in Spanish? dirty, unclean, grubby, dingy, nasty.

Likewise What does la novia?

Spanish. a fiancée or bride. a girlfriend or sweetheart.

Is member feminine in Spanish?

member el/la miembro
female la mujer la hembra

What does socio translate to in English?

From Latin socius ‘companion‘.

What does Vieja mean in Spanish slang? votes. It does mean “old woman” but I often hear it as a familiar term of endearment(mexican slang mostly). My boyfriend calls me vieja loca(crazy old woman). So she would be a girlfriend, fiancee, wife, mistress, or VERY close friend to him.

What is Limpia mean?

clean, (he) washes, (she) cleans.

Does Novia mean wife? Novia means girlfriend or many couples who lives in living relationships called their female partner novia. In some Latin countries people address their wife as novia. The Spanish word “novia” means bride in English, but it may also mean girlfriend, fiancée, lover, etc. according to context or formality.

Does Novia mean girlfriend?

Novia is a Spanish word that means “girlfriend” (novio means “boyfriend”).

What language is Mi Amore? Overall, the Spanish phrase “mi amor” is a term of endearment that directly translates to “I love” in English.

What is Photos in Spanish?

nounWord forms: plural photos. foto f.

Is compañero masculine or feminine? Variations

number feminine masculine
plural compañeras compañeros
singular compañero

Is Vieja an insult?

In Argentina, “vieja” (apart from its regular meaning) is used to refer to mothers, usually your own mother. It’s just not limited to girlfriends only, but to any (generally) young woman. It depends on context, but it’s very informal and may be a bit offensive.

What does Veja mean in English? The word ‘veja’ is a literal translation of the Portuguese-Brazilian for ‘look‘ – “It means: ‘look beyond the sneakers, look how they are made’,” explains Morillion.

What Baila means?

(he) dances, (you) dance, dancing.

Is Limpia masculine or feminine? Variations

number feminine masculine
plural limpias limpios
singular limpia limpio

What is the opposite of Limpia in Spanish?

The opposite of “limpiar” is “ensuciar.”

Is fiance a unisex? These two words are borrowed directly from French, in which language they have equivalent but gendered meanings: fiancé refers to a man who is engaged to be married, and fiancée refers to a woman.

Does fiance go both ways?

If you’ve ever wondered whether it was spelled fiancé or fiancée, well, they‘re both correct. … The masculine (fiancé) and feminine (fiancée) noun forms were both imported by English speakers, even though English doesn’t typically use gendered word endings. The extra E at the end is what denotes fiancée is feminine.

Does Novia have accent? Fiancé and fiancée are the same as fiance and fiancee. The use of the acute accent (é) is retained from the French spelling.

What language is galaxy?

The longer version of that story is this: galaxy (which in Middle English was spelled galaxias or galaxie) was borrowed from Late Latin galaxias, which in turn was borrowed from Greek galaxías.

What does Mi Rey mean? English Translation. my king.

Is amore French or Italian?

Amore is the Italian word for “love”. It may come from Amare which is “to love in latin”.

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