What does Broche mean in French books?


paperback book, paper back. broche noun.

What is a swiper meaning? noun. a person who deals a swipe.

Likewise How do you broach a subject?

To broach a subject is to bring it up. A brooch is a decorative pin. These words sound exactly the same! They rhyme with “coach.” Both come from a word root meaning “something pointy,” but the spelling brooch branched off as a word for the piece of jewelry.

What is a paperback in French? paperback → livre de poche.

What is French for hardback?

couverture rigide. More French words for hardcover. livre cartonné noun. hardcover, hardback book. cartonnée.

What is a Poche book in French? Le Livre de Poche (literally “The Pocket Book”) is the name of a collection of publications which first appeared on 9 February 1953 under the leadership of Henri Filipacchi and published by the Librairie générale française, a subsidiary of Hachette.

How do you say hardcover book in French?

  1. bouquin.
  2. carnet.
  3. livre.

What is a French pocket book? livre de poche. More French words for pocket book. le livre de poche noun. paper back.

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