Is Precurse a word?


Until recently “precurse” as a verb was a rare archaic word, but lately people have been using it to mean “be a precursor to.” Use a more ordinary and precise word like “foretell,” “foreshadow,” “preface,” “anticipate,” or “precede.”

How do you use the word precursor? Precursor in a Sentence

  1. As I looked up in the sky, I saw a large dark cloud, a precursor of an upcoming storm.
  2. After watching my nephew for a while, I can easily recognize his moodiness as a precursor to naptime.
  3. A movie preview is a standard precursor before the presentation of a feature film.

Likewise Is Precurse a verb?

verb. To be a precursor to; to run or occur before; to herald, portend.

What do you mean by precursor in Hindi? पूर्व लक्षण पूर्व सूचना(f) अग्र-दूत

What is a precursor event?

Thus, a precursor is an event or situation that, if a small set of behaviors or conditions had been slightly different, would have led to a consequential adverse event.

How do you use the word sanction in a sentence? Examples of sanction in a Sentence

Noun The country acted without the sanction of the other nations. Their policy has legal sanction. Verb The government has sanctioned the use of force. His actions were not sanctioned by his superiors.

How do you use demure in a sentence?

Demure sentence example

  1. He loved the way she could be wanton and sensual one minute, then bashful and demure the next. …
  2. Brown eyes are warm, demure and innocent. …
  3. Styles range from demure peignors to vampy minis.

Who created the precursors in Halo? Origins. The Precursors first came to existence by their accidental creation by the Primals. They settled on Zeban, soon reaching Tier 0, the highest technological level on the Forerunner technological advancement scale. They were only found by the Primals some 8 to 7 Trillion years ago.

What is precursor biotechnology?

precursor. Something that precedes. 1. (Science: biochemistry) In biological processes, a substance from which another, usually more active or mature substance is formed.

Are precursors real? “We are the last of those who gave you breath and form, millions of years ago. We are the last of those your kind defied and ruthlessly destroyed. We are the last Precursors. And now we are legion.”


One of many forms of the Precursors
Technology level: Tier 0
Notable individuals: Primordial

• Dec 24, 2021

What is the opposite of a precursor?

precursor. Antonyms: follower, consequent, result, effect, event. Synonyms: forerunner, harbinger, herald, pioneer, advance-guard, cause.

What is the difference between forerunner and precursor? As nouns the difference between precursor and forerunner

is that precursor is that which precurses, a forerunner, a predecessor, an indicator of approaching events while forerunner is a runner at the front or ahead.

What is a sanction on a person?

Criminal sanctions can take the form of serious punishment, such as corporal or capital punishment, incarceration, or severe fines. … To sanction implies make a legal agreement. The word is derived from sanctus, to make holy. A legal agreement or sanction imposes approvals, rules, guidelines and penalties on conduct.

What is an example of sanction? Sanctions can include travel bans, asset freezes, arms embargoes, and trade restrictions. The United States has more than two dozen sanctions regimes: some target specific countries such as Cuba and Iran, others are aimed at curbing activities includingterrorism and drug trafficking.

What does sanction someone mean?

What does sanction mean? Sanction has two main senses that are almost opposites: it can refer to authorizing or approving something, or to penalizing or disciplining someone or something. Sanction can be used as a verb (meaning to authorize or to penalize) or a noun (meaning approval or penalty).

Is Demure a compliment? Demure is a word you don’t hear a lot these days, but it used to be a huge compliment for a woman or a girl, for them to be considered shy and quiet and modest. Those days are over, thank goodness, because demure people are nice and all, but they’re also a little boring.

Is demure positive or negative?

I don’t think demure in sense 2 has any negative connotations. However, demure used in sense 3 clearly suggests unnaturalness. 2. Of persons (and their bearing, speech, etc.): Sober, grave, serious; reserved or composed in demeanour.

Can a guy be demure? The term ‘demure’ is most often applied to women, but of course men can be “demure” also.

Are the precursors still alive?

“We are the last of those who gave you breath and form, millions of years ago. We are the last of those your kind defied and ruthlessly destroyed. We are the last Precursors. And now we are legion.”


One of many forms of the Precursors
Notable individuals: Primordial

• Dec 24, 2021

Who created the Flood? According to Halo lore, the Flood is a product of a war between the Forerunners and the Precursors. Some Precursors, who lost the war, were turned into regenerative dust that created horrific mutations. The remaining Precursors assimilated into this newfound corruption.

Did the precursors become the Flood?

Some Precursors hid in stasis while others changed into the dust found by the ancient humans (the latter created the Flood). … It was later revealed that the Flood was not a creation of the Precursors, but the Precursors’ perverted and insane remains of themselves.

What is a metabolic precursor? Precursor metabolites are intermediate molecules in catabolic and anabolic pathways that can be either oxidized to generate ATP or can be used to synthesize macromolecular subunits such as amino acids, lipids, and nucleotides as shown in Figure 18.6. 18.

What is precursor vitamin?

Precursors are inactive chemicals that can be transformed into other active compounds such as vitamins, hormones, or enzymes. They are the substance that needs to “run before” another one can be produced in a chemical reaction. … Carrots contain beta-carotene which is a precursor or building block to vitamin A.

What is a precursor in genetics? A protein precursor, also called a pro-protein or pro-peptide, is an inactive protein (or peptide) that can be turned into an active form by post-translational modification, such as breaking off a piece of the molecule or adding on another molecule. … They are thus called pre-pro-proteins or pre-pro-peptides.

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